Bobsleigh (French: Bob-Luge)

Experience the Thrill of the Olympic Bobsleigh - the only one in the whole of France - a 1.5km track with 19 bends.  Available from 16:00-18:00 approx (not Monday).  Open 10-Dec-22 to 02-Apr-23

Travel to the track is possible for those that are taking part, and also for those that wish to view the track and see the start of the descent.  The Reception/ start of the Bobsleigh Track is just before bend number 5 on the road down to the valley.  Leave Belle Plagne 30 mins before your bobsleigh booking time: 15 minutes is required for the journey and 15 mins to complete registration at the Track.  After the descent a vehicle is provide to bring you back up to the start of the Track.

·      If you have your own vehicle you can travel down and park at the top of the track.

·      We can organise a Taxi - the rate for the Return journey is €15pp - if there are less than 4 in the taxi then the rate will be higher.

·      Ski Insurance does not normally cover this activity (please check). If you wish, Insurance is available from approx €4pp. Follow this link: Bobsleigh Insurance

·      You will be issued a helmet and given a short briefing. 

·      Afterwards, it will be possible to purchase a DVD/ USB of your own descent if you wish (approx €25).

·      Restrictions: Ages/ height (see the table below), no infectious diseases, no heart conditions, no back injury history. Disclaimer to be signed.


Approx Speed

Number Passengers


Euros pp (2019-20)




1 - 4


€49 pp

Min height 1m30.

If less than 14years,

must be with parent.

If under18years over 14years - Signed Consent or with Parent.

Speed Luge




€119 pp

Min age 16years.

If under18years - Signed Consent or with Parent.

Bob Racing


1 - 3

Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun

€135 pp

Min age 16years.

If under18years - Signed Consent or with Parent.