Catering Options:

  1. Traditional Catered Chalet experience from staff with a reputation for delivering excellent evening meal, breakfast and afternoon tea menus directly from guests’ own kitchens for 6x or a flexible 3x days. if 3x days chosen this will be either the first half of the week or the second half. 30% deposit required. This is a popular choice, so there is limited availability. EXAMPLE MENU (pdf in separate tab??)
  2. A Local Restaurant providing a table for your group to enjoy evening meals and breakfasts for 7x days, or for those looking for some more flexibility, 3x nights of evening meals.  EXAMPLE MENU (pdf in separate tab??)
  3. Delivery of award-winning delicious 'Cook' Brand frozen meals directly to your accommodation. EXAMPLE MENU (pdf in separate tab??)
  4. A Combination of the above - say 3x nights of local restaurant meals plus 3x nights of 'Cook' meals delivered + plus breakfast pack, and 1x night of arranging your own meal etc.

Please note: