Regarding parking, there are 2 options:

1.  Parking under the accommodation (covered): vehicles under 2.0m high. 

Chardon Style Accommodation: 70Euros per week  / 10Euros per day;

Biniou Style Accommodation: 77Euros per week / 11Euros per day;

If you have a large vehicle with a topbox that does not meet the height restrictions, then an option can be to empty the contents of the box in to the vehicle, take the box off and re-mount underground. 

- Please complete the information requested on the booking form below and we will make the necessary arrangements.  The charge for this is settled through the Make Payments page.

2. Parking Outside - 59Euros per week, 9Euros per day, pay locally in resort.  Limited places, cannot be booked in advance. You can drop of luggage by the accommodation, then park.